Available courses

Mind Management & MindfulnessGet your life the way that you want it. This course will give you the mind management tools to beat anxiety, stress and depression and create the results that you want in life.

Includes a full 8 week Mindfulness programme.

NLP Practitioner Training Course

Essential understanding of yourself and others. Learn how to transform your life. Change techniques. A complete foundation course in personal excellence.

NLP Master Practitioner Course - International
Put yourself in complete control of your own destiny. Learn how to work with other to enable them to reach their own potential. Master the art and science of personal excellence. ‘The best tool out there to enable you to design your life the way that you want it!’

NLP Trainers Course - International

NLP Trainers certification training. Train to be an NLP trainer. Learn to present perfectly and deliver magnificent trainings in the style of an NLP trainer. Develop the skills to train others in NLP. Learn how to deliver NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner training courses.

NLP Master Practitioner CourseComprehensive course in NLP for business professionals. Includes elements of the NLP Practitoner course, the full Master Practitoner course contents and NLP Sales Skills.

Game Changing Leadership TrainingGame Changing Leadership
This Leadership training is suitable for all levels. The aim of the course is to produce a better awareness in you to your leadership potential, your role in the world and how you create your results.

Learn techniques of leadership from the worlds great leaders, and great thinkers. Leadership is a mindset, it is a way of thinking and it is a set of habits. We introduce you to these mindsets and habits and the focus is on providing you with a new level of awareness and a new understanding of how to create magnificent leadership results in you.

We introduce you to the new model of leadership, which is about listening, creating, coaching, relationships, Social Responsibility, developing people and respecting individuals.

This training is a game changer and there are lots of tips and techniques to transform your thinking and move you towards realising your potential.

More information - Leadership Training Online

Leadership Development TrainingThis course is a “how to” manual for personal and professional leadership development.

Comprising 47 videos of 5 – 21 mins and supported by a fully illustrated manual, this course is packed with techniques for you to practice and exercises for you to do which will help you integrate leadership into your life and develop your emotional intelligence.

Premium Leadership Development ProgrammeThis Leadership training is suitable for all levels. The aim of the course is to develop your emotional intelligence in relation to your leadership.

Whether you are a chief executive, a salesperson, a postroom worker, a cleaner, a middle manager, or if you work for yourself, the level of emotional intelligence that you possess is likely to be the biggest single factor to your leadership ability.

The course focusses on developing these five areas: Self Awareness, self regulation, empathy, motivation and social skills. In essence we are going to enable you to better understand yourself, how you produce your behaviour, how you influence, how you impact other people and we are going to help you better understand what makes other people tick.

More information - Leadership Development Training Online

International Coaching Training CourseWorking with other people to enable them to achieve their goals is one of the most rewarding things that an individual can do it life. Learn all the skills that you need to be an effective coach.

Learn to train and present flawlessly like Anthony Robbins. Overcome your fears of public speaking and learn a system of presenting that will allow you to deliver first class presentations anytime and anywhere.

Sales training with NLPCreate outstanding sales performance with this sales training using the techniques of NLP.  How to use NLP to sell, persuade, motivate and influence. Includes a simple and 100% effective 5 step sales process.

NLP Taster course. The perfect introduction to the art and science of personal excellence. What is NLP? How can I benefit from NLP? Introduction to NLP Practitoner and NLP Master Practitoner skills.

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Ant's gold trading system. A system for day traders. How to read the markets and identify specific trading opportunities. Entries, exits and signals, a complete trading system 

Forex Trading CourseLearn to trade Forex. Systems and methods for inter-day and day trading in the Forex and currency markets. Candlesticks, trading indicators, price action trading techniques for consistently profitable trading.

Day Trading & Swing Trading CourseWhat does it take to trade like a professional? We reveal the hidden secrets of trading. Learn how to day trade and swing trade in this A-Z of Financial Trading. If you want to trade as a new career or part-time hobby this course provides what you need to take you from beginner to trading as a professional. 

The best Candlestick Patterns. Which trading indicators to use? Dozens of chart patterns revealed. Tutored training. 

We assist you in designing a trading plan that suits your objectives, personality and the time that you have available to trade.